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Greater Than or Equal To is a PRO X servers clan , Apply now! [>=]

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 Application Layout

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Application Layout Empty
PostSubject: Application Layout   Application Layout I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 06, 2011 5:51 pm

About You

1.State your ingame name(s):
2.State your age:
3.State your country:

Personality Test

4.Are you usually able to maintain self control and not get angry over trivial matters? How do you deal with your anger?
5.How would you describe a Granger without using the words, "Granger," "green," "fat," or "gnaff"?
6.Imagine a cube, what size, color and what material is your cube made of ?
7.What hobbies do you enjoy (beside gaming)?
8.What other games do you play?


9.How many hours per week do you spend on tremulous ?
10.What servers do you play on?
11.Do you have admin privileges on any other servers, if so what level and which server?
12.How much would you give yourself out of 10 for your tremulous skills?
13.What previous clans have you been affiliated with?
14.Why are you no longer affiliated with them?

Your application

15.Give a deep, psychological reason as to why you are applying to Greater or Equal To.
16.Are you able to be fairly active in the clan and the clan site?
17.Do you wish to join the scrim team?
18.Who referred you?
19.Did you read and fully accept the rules in the clan?
20.Do you accept to take on disciplinary measures in case of lack of respect over those rules ?
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Application Layout

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